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Welcome to Our Farm!

It's been a great summer here @ Bent Limb Farm. We all, including the animals, have enjoyed the milder temperatures and less humidity. We tried very hard not to complain on the muggy days since the rest were perfect. We humans kept the animals comfortable by moving them regularly and using the trees and portable shelters to help us with shade. Lots of extra water helped also.

Goliath, one of the adult alpaca males, loves to put his front feet in the water buckets. We took one of the large rubber pig bowls and filled it for him so the drinking water was no longer his foot bath! He stood in the water so much that the fiber on his front legs is gone to just below the knee and they look like they belong to a poodle. At least he was cool and happy.

The broiler chickens and turkeys are in the freezer for another year. It's always rewarding to fill the freezers and decrease chores at the same time.

Our piglets weighed 100 pounds at the last check so are well on their way to finishing. We hope to get them to weight by the end of November. If you are interested in pasture-raised pork (not organic but fed only non-GMO feed), please contact us. We are selling them by the quarter, half and whole pig for custom processing. There are only 2 available for sale.The application for retail of the meat by the piece is going to take a few months; we then will get pigs processed at Hiway Meats for USDA inspection and be able to sell cuts of meat including bacon and smoked ham and sausage. This probably will not be available until the next group of piglets finishes sometime next spring.

As the summer winds down, the fiber side of the farm gets busy. Socks, gloves, hats, scarves, felted items are all arriving for the winter season. We will continue to be at the farmers' market in front of St. Joseph's Hospital every Tuesday from 10-4. Store hours will be posted regularly on the website. The new studio/farm store will be completed by the end of October. Classes are scheduled to begin then--stay tuned for details.

As always, we hope to see you at the farm. Pam & Paul



Farm Store Hours

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We are not part of the Best Kept Secrets Tour this fall but are active supporters. We will be open W, F, Sat 9 - 5 and Thurdays 9 - 8. We will be closed on Friday November 14th and Thanksgiving. These hours are for November and December.

Pam will continue to be at the farmers' market at St. Joseph's Medical Center on Tuesdays from 10 - 4. She will be inside just off of the main lobby for the next several months.

If you have visitors coming in from out of town and would like to come to the farm (or just want to come yourself) give a call to see if we're around. We'd love to see you! 

Please call 484-797-2263 for an appointment.