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At Bent Limb Farm, it's all about the fiber. While researching options for another career when retiring from medical practice, Pam learned about alpacas. After visiting several farms, she knew that the animals and their fabulous fiber were in her future.

After buying several alpacas and receiving their fiber on shearing day, next was learning what to do with the fleece! A two year apprenticeship with the Certified Sorted System involved learning a standardized process of fiber sorting with the goal of uniform and consistent high-quality product. Having high standards for roving, yarn, and finished articles will maintain alpaca as a high-end fiber, which in turn will keep the value of the animals.

Fiber sorting leads to better quality yarn but also is eye-opening with respect to breeding decisions: both the male`s and the female`s fleeces are evaluated so that best matches can be made to work toward the goal of fine, uniform fiber. This information can be used in addition to show results.

Teaching is a focus for our farm. Pam is now an instructor for Certified Sorted System with several apprentice sorters she's mentoring. Classes at the farm in knitting, crocheting, dyeing yarn and fiber plus other crafts will begin this summer and fall to introduce as many people as possible to the wonderful world of alpaca.



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Our regular summer store hours are Thursday evening from 5 - 8pm.

If you have visitors coming in from out of town and would like to come to the farm (or just want to come yourself) give a call to see if we're around. We'd love to see you! 

Please call 484-797-2263 for an appointment.